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Blink 182 ICONS and NEWS here

BLINK 182 NEWS AND ICONS blink182 f*cked ur mom
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Hey whats up?! lol Becky here! I love blink-182 my fav band..umm yea i dont like ppl who say they love blink but only know like the new songs they play on the radio! neways lol i m a nice person tho umm i listen to emo, punk rock, rock! my fav bands are...
*blink 182, talking back sunday, all american rejects, misfits, flogging molly, thursday, strating line, sugarcult, new found glory, thrice, dashboard confessional, the ataris, brand new, sublime, pink floyd, the beatles, greatful dead, strokes, the vines, fall out boy, jimmy eat world, box car racers, and a million other bands so yea! Lets see my fav colors are hot pink and black... i have my tounge pierced and 5 on each ear. i have blone hair about 5'5 ...hmmm anything else? lol idk! Well yea my screen name is Xo Kiss me182

I am the new mod, zerothelost. I listen to whatever the hell floats my boat. My current favorite bands are blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Weezer, Thousand Yard Stare, and many, many more. Mark Hoppus is a fucking god. I wear a lot of black. My other communtiy you should join is screw_travis, a Scott Raynor communtiy. I hope to bring this community to it's full potential. Remember, If I gave a fuck there'd be nothing left for me to do